Stuck in my Head

So I heard this song today, just by chance… and now I’m stuck on it.  Like I seriously can’t get it out of my head.  I’ve been listening to it all day long.  It’s almost trance-like.  No, it’s not almost, it is trance-like.  I’ve already seen a glimpse of how my Samhain will go this year, and it’s not for 6 months.  I was driven to write an invocation to Odin in a moment of fevered frenzy.

The last couple weeks I’ve been literally in a frenetic, creative state.  I’m getting ready to finish my fourth level of the Temple of Witchcraft’s Mystery School, one of the assignments is to create a Reality Map.  I drew it in one of those states of frenzy, after inspiration struck… quite literally by a rumble of thunder rolling across the skies.  There was no lightning, just this deep, resonating crash of thunder.  Then the vision of the map was shown to me and I HAD to draw it.  So I did.

Now I’m in another state of frenzy and I’ve been moving back and forth through trance states all day.  It’s a little freaky.

How do I ground myself from this?  Do I even want to?  Gods, I’m in a weird place today.

~ Ravenna

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