Happy Ostara!!

So here we are at the Spring Equinox, where just for a moment, things are in balance before the scales tip towards the light half of the year!

And not a moment too soon. I think I can safely say that most of the United States (particularly those on the East Coast) are ready for spring to be here. While we here in the Seattle area have been blessed with a lovely and warm early spring, today it is overcast and a bit drizzly. *sighs* Well, it’s good for the earth so I won’t complain too much.

We have a rare and somewhat unique astronomical event happening today as well, as not only is it the Vernal Equiniox, but tonight is also a Super New Moon and there was a total solar eclipse earlier as well. Though I am sad that I wasn’t able to see the eclipse… in fact I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. Hm, well, maybe someday! Either way, today’s triad of cool stuff doesn’t happen often and I think according to the news it won’t happen again for like 200 years or something like that. Well then!

So today I am celebrating Ostara, the pagan/Wiccan term for the Spring Equinox, and I’ve been just kind of dinking around most of today, getting set up for my dinner and private ritual. I’m having a quiche by the way. Which honestly isn’t that important, I just thought I’d share.

So some stuff about Ostara? Hmm, well a few years back, I wrote a fairly long post about the significance of the day, so maybe I’ll write a little bit about other ways to focus on Ostara.  So some things I’ve learned about Ostara recently is that it may not have been named for a Teutonic goddess name Eostre.  I guess there is very little evidence that She existed and it is one tiny little reference that somehow took off on a grand scale and here we are today!  While we don’t know much about Eostre, we do know that she is related to the Greek goddess of the dawn, Eos; and that this time also dovetails with the Greek Eleusinian mysteries with the return of the goddess Persephone from the Underworld.

So here is some thoughts and themes for Ostara


At this time, witches cast spells for careers, relationships, and love. It’s a time for planting new ideas. Seek harmony and balance in the incredible energy of the season, and project good health, good fortune, and confidence in achieving goals. This is the time to free yourself from anything in the past that is holding you back.

A Shamanic theme for Ostara is resurrection.  The Goddess rises from her sleep, and the land is renewed.  Flowers bloom and the land is revitalized after the long, cold winter. Ostara can mark the beginning or end of a time of training, with a symbolic rebirth.  It is a time of planting seeds, both literal and metaphoric.  It is a time to ask what seeds are we planting? What are the goals your community is working towards?  During this time of balance, transform your dense energy and use it as “fertilizer” for your new hopes and dreams.  Seek resurrection and plan for the future at Ostara.


So tonight I will be doing a simple ritual in honor of Ostara, most of my rituals are done at night when the children are sleeping, so it should be nice and quiet and I will be able to do a meditation while I’m at it.  Tonight’s meditation will be on where I need balance in my life and how to go about getting there.  I’m hopeful that this year will bring some positive and life-changing things for me, so I will be planting seeds of hope as well.

Blessings and Happy Spring everyone!!

~ Ravenna

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