Soooo bored…

It’s been terrible.  I’ve read all the books I own and some new ones to boot.  In fact, my friend who runs the Sassy Little Book Fairy has been a Goddess send when it comes to new book recommendations, and considering she works with books all the time, and her taste is awesome, I tend to listen.  She hasn’t failed me yet, lol.  But yup, I’ve run out of dollars to buy new books and have yet to visit the local library in the hopes that they have some of the ones I want to read in stock.  Go figure.

*sighs* It’ll be okay, Ostara and Mother’s day are coming up and I usually get a new book or 2 for those, so I can be happy and wait.

Speaking of Ostara… holy oh my goodness! It’s right around the corner! HUZZAH!  Not that I really need much of a huzzah in my corner of the world, we here in Washington are experiencing an unseasonably warm and early spring.  I am LOVING it.  I NEED the warm.  I do feel bad though, since my sister is STILL buried under an ungodly amount of snow over on the east coast.  I mean, here I am all warm and cozy, and they’ve got people jumping out of windows into snow that’s like 7 ft deep… in a URBAN area.  Not the mountains of anything like that.  SEVEN FEET OF SNOW in BOSTON.  I am soo glad I live in Washington now.  It may drizzle much of the time, but at least I don’t have 7 ft of snow.  And I’ll get back to Ostara again in a moment…

Any way!! So yeah, I’ve been bored to tears lately.  And filling my time watching the History 2 channel and their endless marathon of “Ancient Aliens”.  Wow.  That shit is unreal!  It starts off really interesting and they’ve got some cool theories, (such as the Great Sphinx originally being an Anubis statue… I could see that!) but then BAM! ALIENS! And I’m like “…aaand ya lost me!” lol.  One episode was on the prevalence of the number 3 in religion throughout history and then they get to talking about the third eye and the pineal gland in the brain (all very fascinating) and then… BAM! Aliens!

doyouevenscienceAnd I’m like these guys <—- (Bill Nye and Neil DeGrasse Tyson) going “Wha?” But it’s not enough to make me want to stop watching.  I’m such a glutton for this kind of ridiculousness.  At least it gives me something to laugh about later as I go on a weird knowledge quest again.

I love learning stuff, even if it’s weird.  But I definitely prefer it not being too weird.  I mean, weird for me is downright bizarre for most, and weird for others is to me awesome sauce and I need more.  *shrugs* that’s just me I suppose.

So I’m almost done with the fourth level of my Temple of Witchcraft classes that I’m taking.  Which makes me both sad and ridiculously happy.  Sad, because it’s been really interesting and I don’t want to stop, but happy because this will hopefully lead me to starting the fifth level, and learning how I can better serve my community.  Because I think that’s where this has been leading me to all these year, “how can I serve the people around me?  What can I do to help improve their lives? What can I do to make a difference and make the world a better place?” Granted, it sounds kind of conceited, but I really want to know how to make the world a better place.  The older I get, the less patience I have for foolishness and the greater my desire to see the next generation live in happiness and peace.  *shrugs* We’ll see.


So yeah, back to Ostara.  A time of balance, when the light finally overtakes the dark of night and we can fully enjoy the lengthening days that will eventually lead us to the Summer Solstice in June.  In the meantime, I will enjoy my time of balance.  Working my way through Temple of Witchcraft gives me a unique opportunity to mentor students in lower levels, and this year one of the people I’m working with gave me the most brilliant idea ever when it comes to finding balance.  Mot of us, when picturing balance, use “scales” and will shift things between the two sides in order to create balance.  This student said “no! We don’t always want some of the gunk that weighs us down!” and visualized “chipping” off little bits that didn’t fit, instead of shifting them around until things felt balanced.  She MADE balance by ditching the crud we don’t need.  I was like “WHAT?! Why did I never think of this before? How did I miss this!! You’re freaking brilliant!!” because lets, be honest, we all give lip service to that sort of thing, but rarely practice what we preach.  Here I am now, sitting here thinking about it again, especially now that I’m prepping for my Ostara ritual, and wondering where in my life am I out of balance?  What needs shifting and what needs ditching in order to find that balance?  I’m doing a little personal and metaphysical house-cleaning if you will.  Taking stock of what I have, who my friends and family are.  What I do with myself.  It’s kind of surprising.  I find that I am closest to people I rarely see, and a few I’ve never met face to face, but for reasons the Gods know, turn out to be the best friends I’ve ever made.  I have the most AMAZING UN-biological Sisters and Brothers in the universe (let it be known, my actual brother and sister do rock in total and complete awesome ways), and I feel particularly blessed in that I see to make a bit of an impact in the lives of people I meet.

It’s a good feeling.  My work with cub scouts, as stressful as it can be, it is so worth it, when I see the smiling faces of all these boys and their families and knowing that I had just a tiny part of making sure they had fun and learned something while they were at it.  Hoping that someday, they will look back on their childhood and remember that one crazy lady who was always laughing and being silly but made sure I had fun at camp… yeah, that’s an awesome feeling.

Ostara is coming in about a week.  The spring equinox.  Equal day, and equal night.  What does it mean?  What is it all about?  Something to think about in the next couple days.  I mean, I’ve thought about it a lot over the years, and my views have changed, matured and shifted as I’ve grown.  I have a great post in mind later this week all about Ostara, but in the meantime, I challenge my readers to learn more.  THINK about what it means.  What it represents.  We are at a time of balance, of renewal, a time of planting seeds, literal and figurative.  What can you plant in order to bring new blessings in your life in the coming months and growing season?  I’ll tell you my goals in a couple days and we’ll see where to go from there.

But right now, I have a little boy bouncing around the house like he’s eaten a vat of sugar that I need to tend to.  Much love and many blessings, my dear friends and readers!!

~ Ravenna

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