Prepping for Samhain, and some Stuff

First things first… Samhain is a WEEK away!! HA! For once I am on top of things!!  The last few years, it’s felt like the sabbats have been sneaking up on me, and this year I’ve been feeling keenly aware of the cycling of the seasons.  Which, as a Witch, is a good thing!  I’ve got what feels like a million things going on all at the same time, and I’m learning how to deal with it all.  It sure as hell isn’t easy though.  It’s okay, I can work through it!

So anyway, I’ve been busy plugging along on my website lately, changing up the way it looks, and I have to say, I’m really happy with the changes I’m making.  Still playing with bits of code to try and have new components to the site, but I’m going to put that stuff on the back burner right now, so I can focus on other things.  Which is good!


So I’m doing something new lately as I said in an earlier post, a fitness and nutrition program.  This is a GOOD thing, trust me.  I’ll actually be chronicling my journey and progress here, on Facebook, and my BeachBody Profile.  I’m not sure if I’ll post pictures here, but I might.  We’ll see.  But anyway, what I was starting to say is that, I am teaching myself how to eat properly again.  In this day in age, where everything is go, go, GO! We fill ourselves up on junk food, fast foods, processed foods… and then we feel icky.  Well, I for one am tired of feeling icky!  So I’m pretty excited about going back and giving in to my love of food, making it tasty AND healthy!!  And I’m doing this right before a major Sabbat.  Wow.  It actually dawned on me last night as I was thinking about what I was planning to make for my feast… that I’m going to have to rethink my usual go-tos and try something new this year.  So that’s what I’ll be doing this weekend, going over my menu and tweaking it so it will not only be delicious, but healthy.  It’s going to be AWESOME!!  So far, I’m looking at a more vegetarian friendly menu, because I’ll be honest, I am an omnivore to the core and I like to eat some meat, cheese and milk… though I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to have to strike the milk from my diet as I’ve been having umm… issues lately.  Not fun times, trust me!  But it’ll be okay.


So what are some things I’m doing for Samhain this year?  Well, I’m going to do pretty much what I do every year… meditation, simple ritual honoring those in my family and friends who have passed away, celebrating Life and eating.  Also, there will be trick or treating.  I should never forget trick or treating, haha!  The boys are pretty excited for Halloween this year, or at least, the younger two boys are.  Finn especially loves his costume, he’s an archer.  We went to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire over the summer and he absolutely fell in love with the concept, he’s been planning his costume since August.  He also keeps asking me about when we can have another D&D session, which I don’t know, because most of the kids who were playing with him are much older, or have moved away, so we’ll see what I can set up.  Finn is very much an imaginative and creative soul, and I love that he wants to use his imagination so much.

Dylan is obsessed with Dragons.  It goes beyond his previous love of all things Thomas and Friends and has become a full on passion for dragons.  And Godzilla.  He loves Godzilla, too.  The old ones, like original terrible English dubbed Godzilla movies are his favorite.  But back to Dragons.  From the moment my little boy laid eyes on “How to Train Your Dragon” he was done for.  After that it was the tv series, the HTTYD Live Action Spectacular show (which was awesome), and then “How to Train Your Dragon 2” (not out on DVD yet, dammit!).  So he’s got the special “tankard” with Toothless on it.  He’s got Toothless pajamas, HTTYD t-shirts… and like 30 dragon toys.  He’s got a whole collection of them!  And he wants more.  Jeez.  Well, I don’t actually mind, because he is so cute when he plays with them.  Anyway, Dylan is going as Toothless for Halloween, and I swear that boy practically cried when he got his costume, he was beyond thrilled with it.  Should be fun times!!

The teenager has decided he’s too old for trick or treating and thinks it’ll be far more fun to attempt to terrify anyone who comes to our house for treats.  I might have to discourage this idea of his.  We don’t want the neighborhood afraid of our house, lol.  When I was a kid, everyone was terrified to go down my Gramma’s driveway because it was so spooky.  Until one year when one of my sister’s classmates overheard us saying we always got full sized candy bars, and he came to our house and trick or treated.

So I’m feeling pretty pumped right now.  I’ve been working on planning a major Samhain event for NEXT year, which will be truly something epic to behold, I’ve got these great ideas just flowing into my mind, and of course I’m going back in my memories to other awesome public rituals I’ve been to (and been in) and I’m culling experiences from those to plan in my head this new event.  I want the works, theatrics, costumes, the altar set up, music and powerful ritual.  It can be done, it just won’t be easy.  I am feeling hopeful that we’ll be able to work it though.

My Witchcraft 4 course is plugging along fantastically.  I’m feeling great about it, actually!  The things I’m learning have been so amazing, that I’m just beyond words at times.  We’re working our way through the Qabala’s Tree of Life, and last month we worked in Netzach, the sephiroth of Victory.  Holy oh my sweet mother of maple syrup!  It was so INTENSE!  And emotional.  Like seriously, I had a powerful emotional reaction to working with Netzach.  This month is Tiphereth, and it is also pretty intense. But I’m loving every moment of it.


Finally, let’s talk about Beach Body, this new fitness and nutrition thing I’m doing.  Guys, it’s awesome.  I’m not really someone who is going to try and push a program that doesn’t work.  In fact, I’m pretty skeptical most of the time on the vast majority of these fitness things, because they all make promises that they can’t keep, or promise results that they can’t back.  This is a little different.  Sure they make promises, too… but I’ve seen the results first hand from numerous people.  It WORKS.  Like really works.  The Shakeology is pretty phenomenal.  I’ve talked to my doctor about it and she’s even said it’s completely legit, so that’s great!  I love my Shakeology, actually.  I’m trying out different recipes for it, and I’m thinking tomorrow of making a Mayan chocolate variation tomorrow to see how that tastes.  So far, every one I’ve tried is pretty good… though you can bet your sweet behind that I will NEVER try the chocolate licorice flavor.  Eww.  Black licorice and me so do not mix.  At all.  We’re talking instant vomit session just smelling it. Ewww.  So yeah, I won’t do that flavor, but I’m eager to try every single one.  So yeah, I’m not usually one to toot the horn of some product or another… but THIS is one I will happily stand behind and say “Yeah, you SO want to try this!!”  I’m pretty jazzed, so yup!


So this is one super long, meandering, random blog post… which is what we all know and love about Ravenna’s Random Ramblings… because they are pretty random!  Don’t worry though, I am actually planning on making some pretty regular posts from here on out, so woohoo!!


~ Ravenna

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