Trying something NEW!

Attention one and all! I’ve decided I’m tired of being overweight. Seriously, you guys have no idea how much I hate how I look right now. How much my health has suffered because of how much weight I’m carrying around. So I’m doing something new, and it actually WORKS!! Like oh my gosh! Wow! Kind of works. Not like all the crazy shit I’ve done over the years to lose weight, but a legit method that actually works the way they say it does!!

So I’m going to keep track of my results and share with you my dear readers what happens on my journey. Part of my beliefs as a pagan, is that taking care of my body is key. For years I’ve ignored that in favor of the spiritual, and forgetting that I am also working on the material plane, and part of that is making sure my body is healthy, and strong. So here we go!!

And if you’re interesting in giving it a try… click on the banner and check it out.  I’m doing the 21 Day Fix now, and I think it’s pretty awesome!!

 I should let you know that the Shakeology also comes with a TON of recipes to make these things taste like dessert!!

Not that they taste bad now, certainly better than any other nutrition shake I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot). So what are you waiting for? Check it out!!

My BeachBody Profile

Okay later there will be some other updates, but in the mean time… ta for now!


~ Ravenna

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