Say Something…


Wow, just wow.  This song is freaking amazing!  I’m not normally a fan of Ms. Aguilera… which I’ve said several times now today, haha… but this.  This is just, I don’t have words to describe this song other than it’s freaking amazing.  It’s beautiful.  It’s haunting.  It evokes such a powerful, intense emotional reaction, that you hear it, you see the video and you’re immediately thinking of your own story.  Your own moment where you begged someone “just say something, anything and I’ll stay”.

We all have that story, whether we wish to admit it or not.  For this video, I was floored by the understated vocals of Christina, for once, she didn’t over do it, and let the simplicity of the melody carry the message of the song.  And then it got to scene with the elderly couple, and I lost it.  I cried like a baby, my family thought I was nuts, but I’m telling you.  If you aren’t moved even a little, then you must be made of granite.

Anyway, so I thought I’d share this lovely little song with everyone.  I love it.

I’ve got some stuff that I’ve been working on lately, so there will be more posts coming in the near future, I promise!! lol


~ Ravenna

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