What has Ravenna Been Up To?

Yeesh.  I have definitely got a bad habit going here… random posts here and there… oh wait – this IS Ravenna’s Random Ramblings after all, so that’s to be expected.

But seriously, I’ve been kind of in a weird place lately.  Sort of.  I’ve been doing a lot of reading recently.  And not all of my reading has been from books.  I actually ran out of books to read, so I jumped back on to fanfiction.net and started reading my favorite fandoms.  I am a DIE-HARD Squinoa (Squall and Rinoa from Final Fantasy 8) fan, and so I spent some time re-reading some of my favorite stories by my favorite authors (Ashbear and Freyjadour, Niqsta…oh yeah!), and jumped into a new fandom (for me) Labyrinth.  Now, there are some phenomenal offerings in this fandom, and I think it’s one of the largest ones being written for currently, and I read a LOT of Sarah and Jareth pairings.  There are some great authors!!  And some good stories… also some terrible authors and terrible stories.  I mean I’m all for some good smut in a story if it adds to the dynamic of the plot and the characters… but sex as the plot alone… not so much.  Which is odd, because I also read in the Hellsing fandom (Seras and Alucard) and my favorite author in that fandom has three categories that she writes in (G, Soft Smut, and Hard Smut), and most of her Hellsing fics fall in the Hard Smut category.  It’s freaking INTENSE work… it’s also a vampire fic, so there are fangs, there is blood (lots of it), there is pain, torture, blood-play, bondage, sado-masochism, and some REALLY hard-core sex scenes.  And it’s FANTASTIC!! FINALLY! Someone who gets that vampires are not toothless, glittery, pansy, over-grown fairies!  And while yes, sex is featured heavily in this authors stories, it is always in a way that pushes the story further and causes the characters to learn more about themselves and each other.  Brilliant work, absolutely brilliant.

Anyway! So I found an author in the Labyrith fandom that doesn’t necessarily use sex as a plot device, though some of her work is VERY, VERY dark, I have discovered this woman is one of the most talented writers I’ve ever come across.  Her characters are well-written, three-dimensional, and capable of growing and changing.  Lovely!  The one recurring theme I’ve seen in most of her stories, is the inclusion of Avalon, being ruled by the High King Oberon and the High Queen Titania (the author suffers from dyslexia, so often times Titania = Tatiana… which kind of drives me crazy, but I can overlook it) and the variety of adventures and tribulations that occur in the story.  And there is a heavy, heavy inclusion of magic.  And not just your typical Jareth is the Goblin King and therefore has magic, but MAGIC!  Like the creative energies of the universe being tapped and used to help create change and other such fun stuff.  Sarah often times meets Wiccans/Witches, and many times becomes one herself, or discovers long dormant powers.

My favorite story is The Spring Break Incident – by Paisley Rose.  This story takes place in New Orleans, with Sarah and her friends being in college and on spring break.  Lots of fun and hilarity from there.  But by far, the best points in this story, is the underlying voodoo theme.  Yes, voodoo.  And Paisley did her research, and did it well.  For the FIRST time, I read a fiction story that featured voodoo and DIDN’T make it all dark and evil and conjuring evil spirits.  There was a balance, with both the good and the bad, and the knowledge that you must be careful what you wish for… you might just get it.  There were parts that had me cracking up, and parts that had me crying. It was just that good.  The author tells me that one of the characters was based on a real person, a man she had known down in New Orleans, who was a voodoo practitioner, sadly, this man died in the Hurricane Katrina disaster, but I bet he would have been honored at the way he was portrayed in this story.

Anyway! So that was just ONE thing I read recently.  I’ve also been working on my Witchcraft II course that I’ve been taking.  It’s based on Christopher Penczak’s “Temple of Witchcraft” series, and I’ve been learning a lot about myself through it.  It’s pretty freaking awesome!  I’ll be finishing up on this level in the fall, and I’m hoping to continue on to the third level shortly thereafter.  In fact, the next level is the one that I’ve been most excited about thus far, so here’s to hoping that it happens!

I’ve also been doing a lot of reading in the pagan news area, making it a point to learn about the various political things happening here in the states, and honestly… it scares me a bit.  Though a high point in my life recently – telling some Republican survey dude who called asking if I thought that abortion was a sin against God and that the women who got them deserved to burn in hell for all eternity… my response “Fuck no! I don’t know why those women might need an abortion, I don’t know their stories or their history.  It’s none of my business.  And frankly, it’s none of YOUR business either! So I will thank you to keep your fucking nose and hands out of my business AND my VAGINA!!”  I was proud of myself.  The guy kind of sputtered a bit (in shock I assume) and hung up on me.  I felt it was pretty awesome.  So yeah – fun times!  Either way, currently we are in one hell of a religious stew pot of spew politically right now.  From Gay Marriage (GO OBAMA!!) to Obamacare getting through the Supreme Court to Romney and his “oh we were just experimenting with pranks when I held that boy down and forcibly shaved his head”.  Yikes!!  What a mess!

*sighs* It really is a mess.

On a lighter note… after being on my path for over 14 years, I’ve read many, many, many books of a variety of subjects within the Pagan/Wiccan genre.  And in my earliest days of study, I read Drawing Down the Moon by Margot Adler, which at 17, was pretty stiff reading, but I powered through it anyway.  It was really informative and very interesting.  But at that point in time, not something I fully appreciated, at least until now.  I just recently acquired the revised edition and have settled down to read through it once again.  It is one of those books that is really important for pagans to read, regardless of path or tradition – because it is THAT good, and THAT informative.  I’m really excited to finish re-reading it, and once done, I will be sure to review it here!

And finally! CUB SCOUTS DAY CAMP!! Huzzah! We’re gearing up for another year of camp in a couple weeks, and things have been crazy in the planning arena.  We’re just about done and ready, and I for one am super excited to see all the returning campers this year, though I know I’m going to be really sad to say farewell to the ones whose last year is this one before they move on to Boy Scouts.  Aiden leaves next week for Boy Scouts camp, and I am really nervous!! He’ll be gone a WHOLE week! But I’m sure he’ll have a great time, so all will be good.

Okay… time for me to go, this has gone on long enough, so I shall now go and take my leave until next time!


~ Ravenna

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29 thoughts on “What has Ravenna Been Up To?

  1. hill

    You stupid bitch abuse is not love! I hate ugly abusive aluseras fans drop dead

    • At the risk of becoming a total bitch, GO FUCK YOURSELF.

      Seriously, you are a piece of shit to come here and start talking shit about me, to me. I can ship whatever fandom I want, I’m not telling you what to like or read, so shove it up your ass you fucking asswipe. And for the record – Twilight sucks balls, it is the worst piece of crap next to 50 Shades of Awful. Also, you should re-consider telling someone to drop dead. I would hate to think if I was suicidal I decided to take you up on that and kill myself. Fuck you and the horse you rode in on. Do me a fucking favor – never return here again, I don’t want your negativity bringing me down shithead.

    • Athena Evarinya

      WTF? Seriously, let me give you a lesson on life. Not everyone is into straight vanilla sex where the woman is the bottom and the man is on the top. The fact that Fifty Shades of Smut is popular surely is proof of that and that book is not poorly written and is a bad representation of the BDSM community. Hundreds and thousands are fangirling over that, so clearly the world doesn’t have the mindset of a prudish 13th century nun.

      That being said, you don’t have to like BDSM or any of the other non-vanilla relationships that exist in this world. If you like it vanilla, power to you, but don’t go and bash on someone because they don’t fit your cookie-cutter world view. Some people like it kinkier then vanilla or on the rough side and it really shouldn’t matter how they get their fix via reading it or finding bedroom partners who share their tastes. It has nothing to do with you, if you don’t like it don’t do it or mess with it.

      You posting hateful things on this blog only shows you as a sanctimonious, ill-mannered, lowlife troll who gets off on their vulgar behavior.Just remember that karma is a not only a real bitch, she’s Queen Bitch and she’s going to come back when you least epect it to shovel all that negative shit you’re throwing at other people just because you’re life’s so pathetic that you have to spend it trolling others for doing nothing but indulging in harmless enjoyment. Which by the way, if it hasn’t sunk in, trolling isn’t harmless enjoyment so go crawl back into your hole and learn how to be a human being instead of first class asshole.

      • morty

        Aluseras fanfics are bad written and bdsm…..is…..i dont know

      • Morty, not all Hellsing fics featuring Alucard and Seras are badly written. There really are some gems out there, but it is kind of a pain to sift through the crap to find the good stuff. You’re also entitled to your own opinion. As Athena said so eloquently, not everyone is into straight vanilla sex. Some people like it spicy, kinky, whatever. The BDSM community is actually, for all their unfortunate stigma, a very loving community based on mutual respect and trust. While I am not a part of that community, I am familiar with the concepts behind it and have numerous friends in the community. Believe me, it’s not like that shit you see in 50 Shades of Crap.

        I read in a lot of fandoms, and there are a lot of shit fictions. Don’t make broad spectrum comments, it’s silly. Anyway, you were a lot less harsh that the first troll which is why I’m taking the time to give you a thought out reply. Have a blessed day, and please see to my other blog post


      • Athena Evarinya

        I just read my comment and realized in my rant I mis-phrased myself. Fifty Shades of Smut is a CRAPPILY written piece of work.

      • Ryuki

        Ok…However alucard x seras fanfics dont use bdsm propley they always make alucard an abusive sick R*** AS***hole..thats BAD.and HIm beating up seras without seras`s permission thats bad….

  2. hill

    Alucard will never hurt and rape and do unforgivable shit to seras and integra and stupid alucardxseras fan stories are godawful just like stupid twilight you are an disgrace to hellsing fans

    • again, go fuck yourself.

      • lil

        Grow up.

      • Lil, who has the same email as Morty, c’mon people do you think I don’t notice this shit? I am quite grown up, and while I definitely reacted with a knee jerk, take in mind, that these lovely little comments on the heels of a rather large whirlwind of trolls going around commenting on fanfictions, authors and reviews and fans and told them to kill themselves. Some of those people did. So I was extreme in my reaction to these because of that. I still stand by it though, the original commenter is a troll and needs to mosey off somewhere else in the web. Don’t like what I write/read? Fine, off with you somewhere else. I am human, I deserve respect for that alone.

  3. hill

    Drop dead

    • Fuck you. You are a douche waffle and an insult to human beings everywhere. Obviously you are insecure in your own self that you must go around telling people to drop dead. I honestly hope you grow the fuck up and learn to not be a shithead to people. Otherwise, you will live a miserable life. Bitch.

      • morty

        Ummm…….No offense i dont get why alucardxseras fangirls ruin alucard making him an r###### seras will never want to be with someone like that

      • Morty, I am not offended by a legitimate question. You are correct that there are some AlucardxSeras fictions that are questionable in content. Let me be clear with you, I am not a fangirl of the Helsing fandom, I’ve read a few fics, found them entertaining and that was about it. The author I *briefly* mentioned in this post writes about vampires being in their own nature. Bloody, violent. No sparkly overgrown fairies wanting to be vampires… though I think there was something about that in True Blood, I wouldn’t know I only watched the first season of that. The ones of Helsing that I’ve read, haven’t portrayed Alucard as a rapist, though I do see him as a Dominant. As a rape survivor myself, I have a lot of triggers that crop up from time to time. I see some stories sometimes that blur those lines and some that cross them. What do I do? I stop reading and move along to something else. Simple as that.

        What I don’t understand is why people grabbed on to a brief mention of my foray into Helsing fics, when I was mostly going on and on about what I was reading in the Labyrinth fandom. I actually prefer that one, and there is one that is a heavy trigger story for me. It was treated with care and compassion and I read that one fully. And privately messaged the author about it. I didn’t tell her to kill herself, or drop dead or act like a complete troll over it. People need to stop jumping down others’ throats just because they don’t agree with another over what they read/watch/write. It just creates more chaos in the world. Again, please see my other post


        ~ Ravenna

      • Ryuki

        Ummm….You dont know what bdsm really isDo you..Ok how is it romantic when alucard beats up seras and abuses and whips seras..without asking seras`s consent….? if he did it for seras`s consent then its ok..But he did not in most horrfific horrible aluseras fanfics with alucard R** and absuing seras and torturing her..thats not love..ITS SICKENING.thats abuse..and seras crying and alucard being an ***Hole acting like that sicko from fifty shades of grey… ever heard of american horror story?

        this is how it should be like aluseras using bdsm better way not alucard beatung up seras out of nowhere with her not knowing..this is how it should be “master……..I failed…….You may punish me….” seras said

        alucard stood up”are you sure…?I wont be easy on you….”Alucard asked

        “yes sir I am..”seras said “Im ready to be tortured..I will take it.”

        “follow me..”alucard said as he ehld the whip in his hand..That is how its done….Not like this
        “master I failed the missiog.” seras said

        “you F*** failure!!gaaaH!” alucard hits her while seras cries in tears with blood on her face gahahahaha Yes seras CRY beg for mercy B***!!!SUCK MY D**** ” NO…..

        Now which one was better written and in character using bdsm in an better elegant way?

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  5. Ryuki

    sorry for the typos.

    • Ryuki

      No problem with the typos, I admit, your example of true BDSM, versus abuse masquerading as it was entertaining. I DO actually know what real BDSM, several of my greatest friends belong to that community, and I actually ask them questions when I come across stories using this concept.

      I guess what I’m wondering is, what the hell are you guys reading and where?! The ones I read are actual BDSM type stories, and the consent is always there between the two. Usually some very entertaining seduction scenes. The key words here are consent and trust. I just read a really good Sookie Stackhouse/Eric Northman pairing that utilized BDSM, and believe me, my friends got a lot of calls while I asked questions. Same with when “Master of the Universe” (aka 50 Shades of Shit) first came out. Though that one is a blatant example of abuse. Have you seen that awful movie? The last part where he’s like “I beat you because I’m effed up!”

      I was floored, because to me, that is painfully obvious as to what BDSM is NOT. If I’m incorrect in my understanding of that lifestyle, I encourage people who are knowledgeable about it to private message me, I enjoy learning something new.

      Thank you for your comments, I appreciate them when they don’t come in on the attack calling me a “stupid bitch” or telling me to “kill myself”. When you treat me with courtesy, I will respond in kind.

      • Ryuki

        Anyways…..some aluseras fanfics are quite vile and horrible which is mostly on fanfiction.net the authors misused the word bdsm………in the summaries and alucard hurts seras without seras`s consent..WTF…….Thats not Bdsm…Thats abuse..hwy..why…they made alucard act like that sick MOFO from fifity shades of grey..can you show me those aluseras fanfics you like which shows how bdsm was handled better in those aluseras fanfics you like…Because I really want to read an good bdsm aluseras fanfic with No out of character abuse nonsense…..stuff etc….I want to seras seras acting herself and alucard himself…etc.

  6. Ryuki

    Your welcome.no prob…fifty shades of grey is an evil vile movie I’m sorry what happen to you…..:(

  7. Ryuki

    I’m disturbed with how it ruined bdsm……………..I’m sorry those jerk bothered you…..

  8. Ryuki

    Hill…you bothering her and jumping to conclusions is rude of you and Mort wtf……bdsm is not abuse…….fifty shades of grey ruined the idea of bdsm

  9. Ryuki

    Morty wtf….morty…please grow up same with you hill..you guys are jerks….don’t trolled others

  10. Hill

    I’m sorry…..about those comments I did not put those comments my stupI’d sister freaking did it she was being stupid thing this was funny god I hate her..she is so immature I’m sorry

    • It’s alright, though perhaps she needs a lesson on appropriate ‘net etiquette. It’s a shame that people feel that they can express such hatred, it really does make the world a more miserable place. Make sure you let her know that telling people to “drop dead” can have very serious repercussions in the real world. There really is an awful epidemic where people are telling authors and reviewers to kill themselves, and then those people do. Words have power. A quote from one of my children’s favorite cartoons is this: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will leave psychological wounds that will never heal.” THAT is an unfortunate reality. Either way, thank you for clearing up the situation on those comments. I appreciate you doing that. Have a blessed day!

  11. hill

    I’m really sorry…

  12. Ryuki

    Fifty shades of grey is something that came out of hell…….christen(the main chracter) is evil………….when I read the book I said that’s not bdsm…this is abuse…..

  13. Ryuki

    You theyre?

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