It’s Been Awhile, and Scorpio Full Moon 2012

Just a quick post to let everyone know I am still here. I’ve been taking a break, dealing with life, and having a tooth pulled last month and being all hopped up on drugs kind of put a damper on my writing.

Tonight is the last night of the May 2012 full moon in Scorpio. I was doing some research about it today and learned some interesting things about it, and honestly, it seems to be particularly fitting for me. It’s about healing emotional pain, of releasing past hurts and diving deep within to transform ourselves in to something greater. It’s about being like the snake and shedding our skin to grow.

And being that this full moon happens right after Beltaine, and we are in the full start of spring, it’s even more fitting. Spring is a time of emergence, and has a different feel than the new moon in Scorpio that occurs October. This is a full moon of purification, and it’s the time where we look at the bare bones of a situation. It could be something of a deep psychological thing, where we have to dig deep and find the courage to face the deepest parts of ourselves, to bring it to the light. What is illuminated now, goes with the flow of emergence. It might not be easy, but it can certainly be cathartic. The fact that the sun is in Taurus, helps us stay grounded, and not let ourselves be carried away by the deep emotional waters of Scorpio. We strip away what is dead and no longer useful, to make way for the new growth that is needed to change for the better.

That was mostly paraphrased from the’s section on full moons. Pretty interesting, and it really seems to be rather fitting for me. Anyway, this has been the latest entry in Ravenna’s Random Ramblings, I now return you to your regularly scheduled blog-reading. haha.


~ Ravenna

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