Think of the Children…

Seriously, I am getting SICK of all the hate going around these days.  It has sadly become some sort of twisted “family value”.  People all over the country are complaining about “family values” when not one of them practice what they complain about.  I hear “think of the children” all the time.  But in truth, NO ONE is thinking of the children.

They learn hate from the time they are born.  They …learn it from their PARENTS.  From TELEVISION.  From each other.  They learn how to hate people who are different.  We hear about school violence, juvenile suicide, bullies.  But we turn a blind eye to it, because “OMG! MY kid would NEVER do that.”  Guess what? Your kid is not a saint.  Neither is mine.

We hear about a child dying because of bullies and school violence and we pretend to be outraged by it, but then we forget about it, and it happens again.  Why?  Why don’t we care?  Why don’t we stick our noses into our kids’ lives more often?  Maybe if we paid more attention to what was really going on in this world instead of fighting one another over something STUPID, our children would stop hurting one another.

I’m not kidding.  Get to know your kids’ friends.  Get to know their parents.  Hell, get to know your OWN kids.  Find out who they are, what is on their minds, ask them about their day.  Find out if something is bothering them, BEFORE it becomes a problem that results in someone getting hurt.  Realize that perhaps, your OWN kid is a bully.

I can name names, and point fingers to all the bullies in my life, and hilariously, some of them are on my facebook friends list.  I wonder what would happen if I were to just say in public, “When we were kids, ___ was a bigoted jerk who made my life miserable because, in truth, they felt inadequate in their own life.”

We all can look back on our lives and remember a point where we were guilty of being a jerk to someone else for no other reason than they were “different”.  We are scared of differences.  We fear it, and it consumes us, and it becomes a part of us.  What is it that Yoda said? “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate”?  What are we so afraid of?  WHY are we so afraid?  Why are we so angry all the time?

It’s unfortunate that hate has become a “family value”.  And we learn it from birth.  It’s absolutely out of control in politics, and so a kid sits and watches mom and dad hate on a minority group or something that they don’t agree with, and these kids take it into the…mselves and twist it and turn it into something even more evil.  We live very much in a mob mentality society, so when one person starts the hate, it snowballs.  That’s why juvenile suicide is so high right now.  Social media is killing kids.  Anyone watch Glee the other week?  Sure, the show can be silly and sappy, but OMG there was such a great message on preventing teen suicide.

It scares me, my own son who is not quite 11 comes home and tells me about very adult kinds of conversations happening that really have no business in 5th grade.  And it scares me because he is the one that stands up for the “little guy”.  Where will that lead my son in the future?  Will he be beat up for standing up?  Will anyone else stand up with him? Or will the hate continue on, and twist the next generation?

~ Ravenna

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