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So I took a break from writing, mostly because I really didn’t have much to write about.  I suppose I could have written about my New Year’s… but I didn’t really do anything.  Though, for those not in the know, 15 years ago, Steve first asked me out on New Year.  Hard to believe, honestly.  Has it really been so long?  Where did the time go? Where did my life go?  I mean really… when I look back, it’s just… wow.  Was it worth it in the end? All the pain, all the heartbreak, every tear and smile and laugh and scream?  What a long, strange journey it’s been.

So what I did on New Year was let Aiden have a party… sort of.  He had a couple of friends over and they spent the night playing games, and then when Fran got home, I wandered my way over to the neighbor’s house and visited with them and had a couple of shots of pink lemonade vodka.  Which is delightful, but I need to remind myself to small quantities of it.  Anyway, so it was a pleasant evening.

We here in western Washington also had what is being called the “Snowpacalypse 2012” since it snowed like 6+ inches, then melted a tiny bit, then froze (so we had a 6 inch sheet of ice) and then snowed again.  Making for some dangerous road conditions.  A lot of people lost power, though thankfully, my house did not.  Of course, then I hear about some asshole down at the Los Angeles Times writing a blog calling us Seattleites “pussies”.  Seriously? Please.  Listen asshat, why don’t you come up here to Seattle, with your pansy ass little hybrid car, we’ll put you on top of Capitol Hill, with no snow tires or chains, and have you get to the bottom without crashing into something.  Tell me how well you do.  Uh huh, yeah that’s what I thought. We are not pussies, we’re just not stupid.  And the ones that DID attempt it, either crashed because they were retarded and didn’t know what they were doing, or if they didn’t crash, had a bitchin’ vehicle made for that shit and knew what they were doing.  So yeah.

Anyway! So the boys had no school for pretty much a whole week, which was alright.  They had fun the first day or so in the snow, but then quickly got bored and were ready to go back to school.  Then a few people in the house wound up getting really sick with some sort of stomach bug and spent a day or so puking their guts out… Aiden included.  Fun times!

Moving on! It’s time for a Pagan Blog Prompt!!  Yay!

Prompt: Simplicity

A very common thing these days is to simplify our lives, in many different ways and for many different reasons.
Has being a pagan/wiccan/druid/etc inspired you to be simplistic? How?

You know, being pagan hasn’t necessarily inspired me to have simplistic practices.  In my earlier days, I was far more formal, and even with other people, rituals and spell work tended to be very long, drawn out and fairly involved.  Sure there were moments of simplicity, even on the fly spell work and ritual… but most of the time, it was pretty time-consuming and tended to have pretty complicated stuff in them.

It wasn’t until I had kids that I started to become more simple in my practices.  Started with Aiden, I just didn’t have time to do long, drawn out ritual, especially when he was a newborn.  I remember wondering how people managed to “do it” when they had kids.  And without even realizing it, things started to get less complicated.

After Finn was born, I was in a coven for a couple of years, and we had our share of simple rituals, on the fly magicks, and gatherings where we just enjoyed each other’s company.  But the majority of our rituals were fully scripted and for the public rituals, very well rehearsed.   It was hard.  I had to make time to practice, and to go to coven gatherings… which many times was even harder than it sounds… considering most of the family wasn’t so keen on me being pagan.

Hell, they still aren’t.  It’s getting better, but yeah… it still sucks sometimes.  And finally by the time Dylan was born, the coven dissolved and we went our separate ways.  Do I miss it? Yeah, I really do.  That sense of belonging was wonderful.  But at the same time… I really like my freedom to practice as I see fit.

Having three kids does not leave me much time for anything.  It’s taught me to keep things simple.  Kids, especially little ones, have almost no attention span… they are easily distracted by just about anything and everything.  So I’ve learned to keep things simple, both mundane and spiritually.  My rituals are short and to the point.  My spells… yeah, I can do a spell in less than 5 minutes now.  The only part that is hard now, is finding/making time for meditation, which for me is key to my practice.

Being pagan taught me how to honor the cycle of the seasons.  It taught me to enjoy the little things, to take joy in my surroundings and my spirituality… having kids taught me how to keep it short and sweet….

…and that is that.

So next up is Imbolc… like literally.  It’s in 2 days.  Have I got anything ready? Heck no.  I’ll probably wind up doing something simple! Like make dinner for my family, light a candle, say a prayer and done.  Though of course I’ll write and post my random thoughts on what the meaning of Imbolc for me is.  I’ll probably continue with that theme of renewal that I started last year.  Considering last spring I went all bat-shit crazy… perhaps this year is going to be better and I’ll be able to keep up with that renewal and improvement for my Self.  Not to mention, I have some healings to do in my life.  Some relationships and friendships have been broken and fragmented.  It’s high time I did something about it to fix it.  There are people who I desperately miss.

Until next time,


~ Ravenna

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