Witches’ Reel… aka I feel like dancing…

I first heard this song back in 2000, and even lucked out at having a copy of the song burned to a cd (back when mp3.com existed and was free). When Aiden was a baby, he and I would listen to this song every morning at breakfast and we would dance like crazy around the kitchen…

Then some asshole broke into my car, stole all my cds and I lost this song… and had a devil of a time finding it again. I LOVE the Green Crown version, and I’m sad that the band broke up and now you can only hear it via mySpace or this lovely youTube video…

but today I lucked out and managed to land myself a new copy of the song and I’ve been dancing rather joyfully ’round the house ever since! So, for your listening pleasure, I present: “Witches’ Reel” performed by Green Crown!

Also, for a wonderful explanation of the song and its meaning, you should check this page out (The Witches’ Reel), it’s brilliantly done and honestly… I like the blog, too! Very witchy!

That is all, I shall return you to your regularly scheduled blog-readings, haha!
~ Ravenna

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