Hallowe’en Funny!

Just a quick post to share something I find highly amusing!  Heard it on the radio a couple of years ago, and spent several hours transcribing it (after finding a recording) and I just giggle every time!  It’s modeled after the “Real Men of Genius” commercials by Budweiser.

This Hallowe’en, this morning show proudly presents Real Men of Genius
“Real Men of Genius!”
Today we salute you, Mr. Refuses to Turn on His Porch Light!
“Mr. Refuses to Turn on His Porch Light!”
Only you would have the solid brass pumpkins to tell the entire neighborhood “I hate your filthy costumed children!
“Keep your Goblins off my property!”
The only way you’d give away free candy is if your tax attorney was present collecting receipts.
“Mr. Cohen will see you now!”
If there has to be a bunch of strange children wandering around in your yard, they’d damn well better be holding rakes and trash bags.
“Don’t forget to spread the weed and feed!”
So go ahead, close the blinds, shut off the lights, nail a “condemned” sign to your front door, wrap the entire yard in crime scene tape, because after all, nothing says “I saved $20 in candy money” like a porch full of smashed pumpkins.
“Mr. Refuses to turn on his porch light!”

*laughs* Yup.  I love this month! People tend to start acting really bizarrely October through January, and this is JUST the start of it.

More later!

~ Ravenna

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