Giving Thanks, Finding Balance and the Autumnal Equinox

Wow.  I nearly forgot to do my Mabon post! Bad Ravenna! Bad!  So uhm, yeah! Let’s talk about the Autumnal Equinox, also known as Mabon!  So it’s come and gone, and now we’re 35 days out from Samhain, which I’ll get to next month.  In the mean time… let’s talk about giving thanks.  So let’s begin with: what is Mabon?

The Autumnal Equinox is a time of balance, of reflection, of giving thanks for the abundance we are given in our lives.  I know I do this nearly every year, become all introspective about the season, and try to figure out what the season means to me, and for the most part, it stays the same each year… but when I think about it, the meaning also changes just a little for me every year as well.  My understanding gets deeper and I go inside myself a little more to try and learn more about my Self and my path.

It’s easy to just write about the “traditional/generic” meanings of the season, and a lot more difficult to speak personally about it.   On the Equinox, the darkness overtook the light.  Since the summer solstice, there has been a little less light every day, until we reach Mabon, a day of perfect balance.  That’s not to say that it gets cold after the summer solstice, oh no.  Actually, this year we didn’t really get much of a “summer” until late August/September… leaving most of us western Washingtonians wondering “where the hell did summer go?” The days are still warm right,  but the nights now… the nights are getting chilly.  I was out the other night, just sitting in the yard watching the stars.  Remembering a time when I could drown in them, and I caught a scent in the air.  It’s a very peculiar scent, only around this time of year.  The “smell of Halloween” in the air.  I can’t quite describe it, but I can smell it, and I only smell it at this point in time during the year.

Mabon is a time to give thanks for the things we have in our lives.  I read on someone’s blog a few years ago, that this woman looks at abundance in an interesting way: “A Bun Dance”  Meaning, take time enjoy life, enjoy those gifts of abundance, with a dance.  “Shake your booty” she said.  Sound advice in my book.  It’s also really easy to just give lip service to our giving of thanks.  To say the words, but not go through the motions.  We’re all guilty of it from time to time.  Our lives are busy.  We have jobs, we have children, spouses and family all vying for our time and affections.  We have meetings, school functions, after school functions, grocery shopping (or just shopping in general), dinner to make, lunches to pack, and barely enough time to stop. Take a moment and breathe.  Enjoy the moment.  Be grateful.  Love your family and friends.  Tell them so.  Tell them everyday.  When you wake in the morning, be gateful to be alive.  When you take your meals, be grateful that you can have the meal.  When you go to bed at night, be grateful that you lived that day, that you had the joy and opportunity to share your life with friends and family.  Even the boss who may be a jerk, or that really annoying person in your life.  Be grateful for their sake.  Be joyful in all that you do.  Be genuinely thankful.


Take a moment to reflect on the meaning of Equinox, of balance, of Equal Night, and Equal Day.  Take a moment to reflect on the waning time of the year.  What does it all mean?  I can’t tell you what it’s supposed to mean for you… but I’m starting to fully understand what it means to me.

It’s about harvesting our lives.  Finding what is in balance and what is out of balance.  Being bipolar, I have a hard time finding that balance in my life.  My emotions are frequently out of balance.  I have tools that I use to try and get back into emotional balance.  I have meds that I take, and they help a great deal.  I have meditations that I use to help find balance for my emotions, and also for other areas in my life.  I “harvest” the seeds that I planted in my life at this time as well.  This year I made a goal to be more active, to get more exercise, and also to improve my diet again.  Dietary changes are pretty easy for me to deal with.  I wanted to add more fresh vegetables and fruits to our diet.  So far, it hasn’t happened, the family tends to resist “good for you” and prefer “it’s ‘normal food’ and think it tastes better”.  They resist my efforts to serve more balanced and healthy meals.  But it’s alright, they’ll come around… eventual

Find what is out of balance in your life, and reflect on why it’s out of balance.  What can you do to get back in balance?  What are some things you can do to prepare for the coming cold of winter? Reflect, take stock of what you have, bring back into balance things that are not balanced in your life.  Take joy and be grateful for your life and what you have.  Repair broken and unbalanced relationships and situations.

You can do it.  I know you can.

Have a happy and blessed day my friends!

Much love,

~ Ravenna

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2 thoughts on “Giving Thanks, Finding Balance and the Autumnal Equinox

  1. LOVED IT, LOVED IT!! I have been feeling very rushed and out of sorts since Mabon and today, Oct 06 I finally got to my emails and saw your post….YES, i thought as I began reading I felt a calm come over me I have not felt in a bit and after finishing i actually feel revived BLESS YOU!! I LOVE how we seem to be in the same pattern, meaning when I read your posts its what I needed then…..THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU AND SHARING WITH LITTLE OLE PEOPLE LIKE ME 8-))

    You are a beautiful writer and it brings such feeling to us your readers 8-))

    Til next we meet may your morns be filled with quiet moments and beautiful sunrises, may your days be filled with inner light and balanced steps, may your afternoons be filled with bursts of glorious energy and enlightening thoughts, may your eves be filled with warm fires, tasty foods and satisfying company, may your nights be filled with star filled skies, the moons comforting embrace and your most hopeful dreams come true.

    Be Well,
    Lady AutumnMoonz

  2. Sunfire

    Wonderful post, thanks for sharing!

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