Soundgarden Concert and more on Lughnasadh

So silly me! I made a post yesterday and forgot to tell everyone about the super awesome concert I went to at the Gorge Amphitheatre this past weekend!!  Yup.  We (Steve, Me and Slappy) managed to get ourselves tickets to go see Queens of the Stone Age and Soundgarden in concert.  OMG! It was sooo epic! We met up with a bunch of Steve’s friends at the concert and hung out in the field outside the amphitheatre for while before heading in.  Apparently no one in our group wanted to watch the opening acts (Meat Puppets and Mastodon) so they all ate sammiches and drank some crazy alcoholic beverages that Casey (girl Casey) made.  I got bored with that pretty quick, but whatever.

When we went in however, I was a little pissed off.  I had like 6 bottles of water to bring in with me to keep myself hydrated, and apparently it’s policy to only allow one bottle of water per person.  I was like seriously? What the hell am I suppsed to drink inside then? I don’t want to get heat stroke cuz I’m not drinking enough water.  They tell me there are places to refill my water bottle and I went in slightly appeased.  However their “watering stations” was actually only one place and that was where you wash your hands after using the port-o-potties.  Can we say ewww?  Yeah, and if you want fresh water, it’s $4.  WTF? You’re seriously going to charge me $4 for some water? I’m surprised they haven’t had the shit sued out of them for that stupid little policy.  But I guess they put that in place because some asshats out there like to fill up water bottles with piss and throw it on stage.  Gross.  Not funny in any way shape or form.  I don’t care if you’re super drunk or hate the band.  Don’t do that kind of shit.  Ugh.  And if you don’t like the band, here’s a thought… don’t go to the show!! Geez… people can be sooo stupid sometimes.

Anyway! So Soundgarden was badass! I didn’t realize that the last time they had been here was in 1996.  So, this was pretty amazing.  They played for almost 2 hours, and let me tell you, Chris Cornell is STILL fucking awesome.  The first hour they played a lot of their old stuff, and the second hour they started playing some newer stuff, SO AWESOME!!! *squees with delight*  I was really glad that we went.

After the concert was over, I wound up driving us all (Steve, Slappy, CheBre and myself) to Easton where we had previously set up camp near our friend Garen and his family.  It was really late, the guys were on one and drinking themselves into stupidity which I was like “whatevs guys, I’m going to sleep.” So I crawled in the tent and my sleeping bag and promptly passed out.  Next morning woke up and saw a GIANT beetle staring at me from the top of the tent between the screen and the rain cover.  *shudders* I told Steve that it was a good thing that it didn’t manage to get inside the tent, because it was a full on scream, hysterical crying inducing bug and they would not have had an easy time calming me down, LOL!

I was glad by the time we got home though, my body was soo sore and I was sooo tired! I had a great time, but seriously… OMG, I am getting too old for those kinds of concerts, haha!!

So yup! Great weekend! And I realized this morning that while I made my Sabbat post for the season, I forgot to mention the fact that yes, it was indeed Lughnasadh, and what was I planning to do to celebrate.  Honestly, we didn’t do much.  It was a fantastic day today, and so I spent the day outside with the boys and my friend WillowStar came over with her sons and we had a good time talking about various pagany things and other such good stuffs.  She’s been working as the new Saturday reader down at the Crescent Moon in Tacoma, and I highly recommend her tarot readings, she’s really very talented and has a gift for not telling people a bunch of bullshit.  Straight to the point and scary accurate.

Tonight we had Chicken Parmesean for dinner, with smashed potatoes and green beans.  Pretty super yummy! I had thought about baking a loaf of bread, but my allergies have been acting up lately and it really wipes me out to sit and sneeze forty-bajillion times in a row, so I didn’t.  But I might wind up baking the bread tomorrow if I can manage to stop sneezing long enough to do so.  The weather is perfect right now for bread making, the heat really helps get the dough to rise properly for me, haha! I swear, this is the only time of year I can bake bread, any other time of year, no matter how warm the house is, I wind up with giant doughy hockey pucks, lol.

Had a small quiet ritual pondering the season again, but you guys all saw the results of the ponderings yesterday.  I still stand by that little blurbage.  This whole Sabbat is very much about harvest and sacrifice.  It’s the first harvest of the year, and so it’s the first time we pagans really start taking stock of what it is that we’ve accomplished thus far in the year.  Next sabbat, Mabon is when we start being more Thankful for what we have and have been given… but this time, we take a moment to be joyful for the things we can “harvest” in our lives.  Plus, it really is a time outside of time where we just take a deep breath, and relax.

Lughnasadh is an often over-looked Sabbat, and not many people really understand it, just thinking of it as a bread holiday, lol.  As I said in the previous post there is a big theme of personal sacrifice.

It is those things, and it’s also a time of gathering.  A time for friends, family and neighbors to gather together and have fun!  In older times, this was the Tailltean festival, named after a Celtic deity Lugh’s foster mother, Tailtiu.  She died plowing a great field in central Ireland, and in grief, Lugh institued the festival in her honor.  It was a day filled with games featuring feats of strength, agility, wit and more.  There were feasts, song and dance.  It was a time of Gathering.  Something that I realized in the last couple of years was the timing of our Renaissance festivals out here.  They’re always held in August.  There are games featuring feats of strength, agility, wit and more.  There are wandring minstrels, gypsies, food and craft venders.  Knights, Ladies, Pirates and more! Honestly, it’s another one of my favorite parts of summer.  I haven’t been able to go to the ren faire in a couple of years, but I’m hoping to be able to go this year… but we’ll see.  The last one I went to I wound up going with my friend Tom, and WillowStar and her kids… plus Aiden and baby Finn.  We had a great time, and Aiden has us cracking up half the time.  He got to do the $1 “Whack a Knight” where for a single dollar, you got to have 10 rounds of complete nonesensical melee mayhem.  It was great.  Then Aiden wanted what he called a “Chinese Air Conditioner”, which confused the hell out of us for minute before we realized he meant a hand fan, lol.  Granted, he was only 5 years old at the time, so his ideas about some things were a little skewed.

Anyway! This is all I have for tonight, I’ve been taking an online witchy course this past year, and I have an assignment for it that I need to finish up and turn in, so I suppose I’d better get to it!  Until the next time!


~ Ravenna

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