Okay, so I know I said I was going to stop posting personal stuff… but this was something that I decided I wanted to get some feedback on… so here goes.

The past few days I’ve been having strange dreams, and before you ask, no I am not currently on any weird ass meds that will make me have weird dreams and stuff.  Last night was the strangest though.  But not strange in the way of trapped with GH’s Jackie Zeman in the hospital with flesh-eating zombies waiting to get me, or having high tea with Anton LeVey (creator of the Church of Satan) complete with pinkies out… hint… when taking potent antibiotics, NOT a good idea to watch History channel during apocalypse week, haha!

But this one had some interesting imagery, and it’s not like the one I had over the summer where Steve was blown up in a house via grease fire and me tearing off some bitch’s hair (it was a wig turns out!).  Anyway, I suppose I should just get on with it.

I was driving around in a city, I think it was supposed to represent Seattle, but it wasn’t Seattle.  It had old style cobblestone roads, and I was driving to a hospital.  It was up a long hill, and the front had a large circular fountain that you drove around and was very elegant looking.  I drove around the fountain and continued driving until I parked my car in an alley way that led to a Chinese style restaurant, which I swear I feel like I’ve been there before, it was far too real seeming.  I was seated at a round table towards the back and I waited for someone.  My sister showed up eventually and then we left together.  I wound up taking her to a boat, like a cruise ship and telling her I’d see her soon.  Then I left again.

This time I was riding along in a car with someone who I know has had feelings of love towards me.  And before anyone starts taking guesses as to who this is, I doubt you’ll get it right, unless you know me, know my history, and know the people I do.  I’ve known this person a long time.  We drove together for a while through a country area, there were trees everywhere and it was night, there were stars everywhere.  This person told me about how they had felt about me and asked if I returned them.  I didn’t have an answer.  Then I was driving in a car with ANOTHER person I care for, which again, unless you know me, know my history and how I work, don’t take guesses you probably won’t get it right and I can’t share these names publicly.  We were driving down a hill and I could see the water from the car, and I saw the boat my sister was on.  It was still night and I watched as a lightning storm moved in.  A huge bolt of lightning crawled across the sky at this point and struck the boat, and somehow I knew that it wasn’t a big deal, no one was hurt and the boat was undamaged.  I commented to the person driving how beautiful the lightning was as another bolt struck the boat.  As we neared the water we came across an amusement park area and I saw rides that were all shaped like stars, something like the “zipper” from the Puyallup faire (if you don’t know about that one… I cried like a baby on that ride when I was younger) but it was all 5-pointed star-shaped, there were people laughing and squealing from the rides and I smiled.  I talked to this person about our relationship and I was told I had to choose, so I chose him and I was content with the choice.  But then I was stuck with telling the other person that I couldn’t choose them.

It was hard to do, and they were upset when I told them, and in the dream I followed them to make sure they were okay and discovered that he had someone else that loved them and had waited for him to notice she was there.  I remember being very happy and pleased that it worked out in the end and started making my way back to the other person.

Now again, before you start making guesses, I’ve known both these men for a while, I will not tell how long I’ve known them as that will give it away immediately, but suffice to say that it was a REALLY weird dream.  The one person I’ve not had those sort of feelings for, though I knew of how he felt.   I’m not sure what to make of them.  I also remember feeling really cold and snuggling up next to second guy for warmth.

SO! Any takers on dream interpretation?  I know it seems really jumbled, but honestly, this is how the dream came.  Also worthy of note was the endless loop of The Glee Project’s version of “Firework” (which by the way, if you haven’t seen the video for, you should… they all have AMAZING voices, and the 2nd guy seen in the video is Damien from Celtic Thunder and I could listen to that boy talk ALL DAY LONG *drools*) playing through my dream.  Like seriously, it played constantly throughout the dream… I suppose it’s a good thing I enjoy the song otherwise I may have gone insane!

Okay so that’s it for the moment.  Feel free to comment, call me, mock me, tell me I’m being crazy or what have you, though I’d rather you not make fun or call me crazy, as that kind of sucks.  Life is about to get like supremely crazy busy for me over the next couple weeks, we’re down to T-minus 2 weeks to Cub Scouts day camp and as nervous as I am to be camp director this year… I am WICKED excited about it!!


~ Ravenna

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3 thoughts on “Dreams…

  1. Drezden

    Very interesting indeed. Maybe this dream is trying to say that you need to tell these friends of yours how you feel about them. Whether or not you have strong romantic feelings for them, or just value them as a close friend or brother. Perhaps there is something underlying because you mention your sister and spending time with her. When was the last time you saw her? I too have had very surreal and vivid dreams, and they tend to be very profound. I hope you can interpret your dream to come to some sort of conclusion.

  2. It sounds to me like you are trying to get a balance in your life, but before that can happen you have to make some hard choices….remember when you go to make these choices that our responsibility to ourselves, is to be true to ourselves….and with that being said, life is always about choices and even not making a choice is a choice, so make it real……be happy and safe….I send you the strength of heart, mind, spirit and soul to get through it…..May the morn bring you sunshine and beginnings, May the noon bring you bright thoughts and smiles, May the eve bring you warm fire and full belly, May the nite bring you peace and dreams come true……

    Be Well,

    Lady AutumnMoonz

  3. Oh, and P.S. Please DONT STOP your personal random ramblings, i feel it is a big part of you and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! Looking forward to more and more and hopefully it will help me open my door again 8-))

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