Blessed Beltaine!

So Beltaine was yesterday, and I spent the day at a wonderful event in Tacoma, hosted by a group known by TERRA.  It was the first time I’ve attended a public ritual (much less a Beltaine ritual) in many years, and I have to say, I was impressed.  The group was knowledgeable, and knew how to mix solemnity with humor.  It was wonderful!! The ritual was Dianic (Goddess-only) oriented, and hosted by a MALE Dianic Priest (which is very unusual) – more power to the guy!  The Priest and Priestess invoked the Goddess Lilith and there was an air of unbridled sensuality and a theme of women taking back their power of sexuality.  Reminding women are sexual beings just as much as men are, and that we should take joy in our sexuality.  It was amazing, and as the ritual began, I could feel the energy shift, and I felt the presence of Lilith among us.  It was great!  It was also a fun experience for me and some of my former Coven Sisters, as the last Beltaine we attended… WE were the ritualists.  So it was fun to take part in Beltaine and be in the audience vs. being the Priestesses.  We had a lot of fun.

Anyway! After the ritual, we all shared in a potluck feast together and laughed and stuffed our faces with a variety of dishes and treats.  My favorite of course were the strawberries… but all in all the food was good.  Funny moment! There was a guy at the burger condiment station who was trying to put some BBQ sauce on his burger and the container dumped out a whole bunch on to his hamburger… and me with my silliness and waiting for some BBQ sauce myself, piped up telling him he could smear my buns with his sauce…



He just looked at me and laughed and then he and his lady wound up joining my group to eat since we’d already “shared sauce” and all, lol!

But my favorite part of any Beltane celebration is always going to be…

The Maypole Dance.

Oh yes… I danced this year and it was grand!  There’s always a few who don’t understand how to do the dance, but it just makes it more fun in the end!   Just so you know for future reference… it’s OVER-UNDER-OVER-UNDER.  *nods*  But it’s easy to get confused, and it just makes you laugh and dance and smile all the more!

Ravenna Dances the Pole

Yes, there I am with a very happy smile on my face! I had so much fun yesterday!! I only wish that I had my someone special to share it with.  But it’s okay I guess… there are other events to attend in the near future… and there’s always next Beltaine… which hopefully will be just as good if not better!

All in all… this year was a good Beltaine celebration in the Park, spent with my beautiful Craft Sisters, and filled with laughter, love, and joy.

I hope everyone else out there had just as memorable a Beltaine as I did! And with that!

Merry meet! Merry part! And Merry Meet Again!!

~ Ravenna

Ravenna Takes a Bow!

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  1. Sunfire

    Sounds wonderful! Thanks for sharing with us at PBP!

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