Spring-break Funness or something like that


This week the boys have been on Spring Break, where as usual, they have driven me batty and all the neighborhood kids flocked to my house because no other parent around here is stupid – I mean, brave – enough to have them all over at the same time.

Thankfully, unlike last year, the weather this week has been fabulous!  Sure, we had a spot of rain the other day (yesterday? I don’t quite remember), but all in all, there’s been sunshine and bright, clear blue skies.  Which makes Ravenna a VERY happy girl.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… I am very much a warm weather kind of person, so this Spring weather is right up my alley.

In fact today… it was rather warm! I got away with wearing a tank top and didn’t need a sweater (which I normally need even in a regular t-shirt) at all! Hurrah!  I love it when it’s like this… the warmer it gets, the more ALIVE I feel.  I feel happier, more free, which is a good thing indeed.

And of course my thoughts begin to turn to the impending sabbat of Beltaine… which is always a fun one!  I mean, what’s better than a holiday celebrating light, love and lovemaking?  Hmm… not sure I can think of anything currently… but I’m sure something will come to mind eventually.

Beltaine is a wonderful holy day, and some of my favorite memories are of celebrations from years ago, at Kanaskit-Palmer state park (one of my favorite places on earth).  We danced the maypole, sang, ate, drank and made merry for hours on end.  Of course there was the Ritual that was the main draw, and they were wonderful rituals.  It wasn’t until my first year in Flaming Star that I got to participate in a public ritual, and that is still one of my favorite rituals to this day.  Done in poetic prose, I got to be one of the Goddess Flora’s handmaidens,  trying to protect her from the lusty advances of the God Faunus.  I “fainted” upon his approach, and the Ritual really went over well with the guests in attendance.

Well, that was some time ago, and Flaming Star is no more, its goal and lessons learned by each member.  I miss it, but I am grateful that I had such an amazing experience for my first Coven interaction… I hear it’s not always so for many pagans.  Granted… I made a few mistakes early on… but I think I proved that I could overcome them, learn from them and grow.

Anywho! Beltaine is a-coming next weekend, and I find myself wondering what I’m going to do to celebrate.  There is a public ritual happening in Tacoma, put on by the Tacoma Earth Religions Revival Association (TERRA), which I have been strongly leaning toward attending.  It’s been a long time since I’ve attended a public ritual of any sort, so I will confess to being a little apprehensive of the idea… but the thought of being around other pagans again for such a joyous occasion is very tempting.  More than likely, I will attend, it will be great fun and all will be well…

The only problem is with my heart… still.  Steve and I are still talking and sorting things out with one another… but I will confess… I miss the other person.  He was, different.  Made me feel different, special… put butterflies in my tummy in a way that hadn’t been done in a long time.  But! Like I said, currently, Steve and I are working things out, so we shall see where it goes.  *smiles*

Spring break is over now, Easter is this Sunday and then the regular routine begins again.  I am still tired all the time, though Steve in his effort to prove that he’s changing has been letting me get away with murder and napping during the day when he gets off school… well unless I send him off disc golfing so I can have a bit of peace, lol.  School is out in 2 more months… and then we shall see how things play out in the life of Ravenna.  I have another blog post brewing in my head, but I will wait to share that one for Beltaine… I do so love that holy day!!

This is it for now… my tummy is hurting a bit, so I think I may lay down on the couch for a bit and watch some tv with the boys.

Much love to you all!

~ Ravenna

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