’tis St. Patty’s Day!

Time for some fun!! Woo hoo!!

I think I’m tired of the angsty blogs I’ve been writing the past couple of days.  Granted, there’s still a lot of mind vomit needing to happen, but today… today the sun is shining and I feel okay.

Ahh, the SUN! I love the sunshine, heat, warmth, life… I feel more alive and joyful in the late spring and summer months!  It’s a good thing.  I like feeling happy and filled with life and joy.  It’s certainly a hell of a lot better than feeling like shit or being pissed off all the time… though last night was definitely another night of being pissed off… but that is for another time… today is for happiness!!

*does a jig*  It’s St. Patrick’s Day!! The day when St. Patrick drove the snakes from Ireland and everyone celebrates it with Irish Stew or Corned Beef with Cabbage and drinks green beer and general drunken debauchery.  Funny thing though… snakes weren’t native creatures to Ireland.  Hmm… so if that’s true, what the hell did St. Patrick drive out of Ireland?  I’ll tell you now… he drove the pagans out.  Bastard.  *laughs*  So yeah, he drove the “snakes” out of Ireland and all was well and good.  Perhaps.  The thing is, paganism – earth based religions in general – have a way of surviving hardship and persecution.  All it takes is a handful of people who remember that all things are Divine, and that we should honor and celebrate nature and the seasons around us… not force it to conform to our wants and needs.

So now, people all across America celebrate St. Patrick’s day by drinking themselves into oblivion.  Me? I like to celebrate it as “Thank God I’m Irish” day, lol… might not be a lot (the boys are far more Irish/Scottish than I), but I’ve got enough Irish blood in me to make it count.  I’ve been told by people who’ve been to Ireland or are FROM Ireland that I look like a lot of girls over there, just a shorter version.  I’ll take that as a compliment thank you.  Considering I’ve got more Swedish blood and always thought I favored my paternal great-grandmother, I like that I look Irish.  It’s one of the places I want to see before I die, lol.  Like seriously, I REALLY want to go to Ireland and see the green hills and do the silly tourist things like kiss the Blarney Stone and all that.

So to celebrate it in my family we do a few things.  First things first, we build leprechaun traps.  I’m not kidding, we do.  It’s something my dad started with my sister and I when we were kids.  Apparently, everyone knows that if you happen to catch a leprechaun, he has to grant you a wish, or hand over his pot of gold.  My GODDESS how I wanted to catch a leprechaun!!! So we would build our trap, which consisted of digging a hole in the dirt and covering it with a towel so the leprechaun would fall in.  Wouldn’t you know, those suckers are hard to catch! I’ve never managed to catch one in my life, they always seem to know it’s a trap *giggles*, but I guess we get an “A” for effort, as they always managed to leave some chocolate coins covered in gold foil for us.

I do that now with the boys.  They LOVE it.  I remember Aiden got super upset one year, when he was about three years old, we didn’t catch one, and he REALLY wanted to… he cried and was just so sad.  One of my coven Sisters pulled him aside and told him “It’s okay sweetheart… you don’t want to really catch one anyway… they bite!”  LMAO!! Oh my Goddess, it was priceless!!  To this day he is rather wary of leprechauns and often warns Finn about the dangers of leprechaun hunting.

Finn had a meltdown at school today, as I was dropping him off he ran into the building all excited to tell his friends that he is finally an official Cub Scout and forgot to kiss me goodbye.  Okay, well I started to head back to my car and then I hear this hysterical screaming and crying and I turn back, and there is my lovely little boy chasing after me!  He was so upset that he forgot to say goodbye and he wanted to go home right now!!  I gave him his kiss and hug and reminded him that he needed to go to school and be with his friends.  One of the teachers had chased after him, she was terrified that he would run into the street looking for me and get hit by a car.  She caught up to us and hugged Finn as well, and told him that she was very happy that he was safe.  She also told him that she had found evidence of leprechauns having been in the school and she needed his and his classmates help to find them.  Oh! It was soo cute! He perked right up and we walked him into the building we he got another kiss and hug from me.  He is such a sweet boy and so excited to find those blasted, tricky little leprechaun.

Tonight we’ll be having corned beef and cabbage for dinner, prepared ever so lovingly by our dear friend Slappy.  *grins* He is such a doofus, but in the end, he’s an alright guy.  I’ve requested a couple pints of Guinness, of which I’ll probably only wind up drinking one, and they (the menfolk) have planned to have some company over tonight.  *sighs*  This means that there will be copious amounts of liquor and drinking and at some point, I’m going to have to regulate on all their asses because they will get loud and obnoxious and wake the boys.  It’s really annoying, and yet I deal with it every year, because it keeps them home and out of the bars and off the streets.

I’ve only been out to a bar twice in my life for St. Patrick’s day.  It was crowded, over priced and in general annoying to me.  I don’t like being surrounded by that many people, the crowding like you can’t move without bumping into some random person or another.  Not cool!! And the drinks/food is over-priced for the day, and then there’s all the drunk drivers roaming the streets… yeah, I’d much rather stay home and deal with the obnoxiousness here.  At least here… I know they’re safe.

So yeah! I like St. Patrick’s day, it’s fun to dress up in green (even if I do it all the time… it IS my favorite color after all!) and try to trap leprechauns and watch fun old Irish-y movies (“Darby O’Gill and the Little People” is a CLASSIC!!) and tell Irish myths and stories to my boys.

All in all, so far today… it’s a good day and I feel happier.  We’ll see how the rest of the day and night pans out.  Hopefully I will get to chat with a couple of friends of mine, which will make my night complete and all will be well and good in Ravenna’s corner of the universe.

Love for now!! Have a happy and safe night! And remember, “Eat, drink, and be Irish!” Erin go bragh! *laughs*

~ Ravenna

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