Super Bored Tonight…

So yesterday Steve and I took Dylan and Finn to see the Imagination Movers in concert, and it turned out to be lots of fun.  They put on a decent show for the kids, though Dylan got bored halfway through and started acting up, but he really liked seeing Choo-Choo Soul, which I didn’t know was also part of the concert.   Genevieve is very pretty, and the DC guy was pretty cool with the break-dancing.  We bought Dylan a little stuffed “Warehouse Mouse” which was cute, he kept clapping it’s hands and making it dance, which made Steve laugh.  Finn got one of those annoying led glow sticks that will probably cause someone to have a seizure, but it made him happy, so I guess that’s fine.

After the concert I went out to Tacoma to celebrate my friend Jesse’s birthday, which was pretty awesome.  Jesse started to get his drink on before we even left the house, and it was pretty hilarious.  We went out to Paddy Coynes, which is an Irish pub in Tacoma and then the hilarity continued.  By the end of the night we pretty much had to pour him into the car, and there were plenty of fun drunken conversations to be had!! Yay!  As for me… the usual lots of choices and decisions to be made, but none can be made until I am absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt that it’s what I need to do… or least that’s what was suggested to me.

I had a funny “Inappropriate Tarot Reading” on facebook the other day, it had me laughing and it made one of my friends spit her juice out… which to me is pretty amusing, but yeah.  It was one of those things where you know the universe is like “Helllooo? Are you listening?”  Yup.  I got the Death card reversed and it said: “You can only resist change so long before change resists you resisting.  Sooner or later you will be bitch slapped by it.”

Oh yeah, it went there.  Okay, yeah. I get it.  I really, really do.  For all my friends who read this, and random strangers too… I GET IT! I’ll make a choice and don’t worry, ya’ll be the first to know when I make my move.  Don’t fret, you will be in the know!

But anyway, the night was fun and today I came home to find that Finn is sick… again.  He’s laying on the couch relaxing, but he’s got a fever.  I gave him some children’s ibuprofen and the fever is still going up… which is never a good thing.  We’ll see how it goes during the rest of the night.  I remember the last time he got like this though, and we spent like 2 days with him and a high-ish fever that wasn’t responding well to ibuprofen or tylenol… but it never got bad enough to make a trip to the ER.  *sighs*  Just got to weather it out, I suppose.

On another note, I’ve been told I need to renew my Witchy card, which is essentially I need to do a re-dedication to my path.  So I’ve been paying attention to the signs and signals the Gods are sending me, see what I come up with.  It needs to be done.  I’m so out of touch with my spirituality lately, even though I am studying in a really awesome Witchcraft course… I’m just… out of touch with everything.  I’m disconnected from life in general, sort of floating along with the current without any clear direction.

It’s time to stop floating and start swimming I guess… at least that’s what my friend Heidi says, lol.  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.  Okay, even though I am not a strong swimmer… I’ll do my best.

So a shorter blog tonight… I was going to do another Pagan Blog Prompt, but I’ve decided to hold off on that for another night.  Just not feeling it right now.  So yup.  Just a small check in to let you know what’s going on inside my head tonight.

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