Finn’s Birthday, and Valentine’s Day

So today is Valentine’s day.  The day of Love and Romance.


It’s a day filled with greed and commercialism.  Granted, nearly all holidays have become a commercial three-ring circus (I actually found “Happy Groundhog’s Day” cards this year, WTF? Really?), but Valentine’s is one of the worst.  And for some bizarre reason, it’s mostly women that I see who are the greediest.  Ask a man what he wants for V-day and 10-1 he’s probably going to tell you steak and some good lovins.  A woman? She expects dinner at a fancy restaurant, flowers that cost an arm and your left big toe and will die in a few days, ridiculously over-priced candies, and jewelry.  I don’t think I have ever asked for those things… well, okay, I usually ask for a good dinner, but I generally ask for those throughout the year.

But typically, we don’t go out anymore for Vday.  Mostly, because I hate large crowds of people and their barely veiled pretensions that all is right and lovey dovey in the world.  People go out this one day of the year, pretend that they are madly in love… but the rest of the year they fight and argue and forget that they’re supposed to be in love.  They save it all for one measly day out of the year.

I hate it.

But I do have reasons to celebrate it now.  Six years ago today, my second son, Finn was born.  I had joked a few weeks before hand about when I would go in to deliver, “Just watch, we’ll be in the middle of dinner, and then BAM! Steve, it’s time!”  Well, I didn’t even make it to breakfast.  I woke up February 14th, and knew it was time.  So we made our phone calls, got ourselves to the hospital and yeah.  OMG, I was SO hungry!! They wouldn’t let me eat, which made me so mad.  It was a crazy day.  Steve and I walked around the hospital in the early parts of my labor, up until I felt like I couldn’t walk anymore, and they put me back in my room.  I had a lot of visitors while we waited for Finn to come.  One of my friends even rode her bicycle down a huge ass hill to come and see me at the hospital.  It was such a crazy day! I mean, really crazy.  I had told everyone before that I only wanted the necessary medical staff, Steve and my sister (my legal next of kin) in the room with me.  I had another visitor, who was well… shall we say a little loony tunes try to block my family from the room before my mom went all Crazy Evil Harpy Bitch on her, lol.  Then the family waited until I was all nice and doped up on pain meds before asking if they could come and watch me deliver.  “Suuurrre.  It’ll be greeeeaat!” *sighs* Yeah, so I had a regular old party up in my room while I was giving birth.

And then he was here.  He was so small, with this little tuft of red-hair and these tiny fingers and toes… and he was perfect.  I tried to get up and walk around after he was born and the nurses were horrified with me, “You should be resting!” *scoff* “Lady, I got two kids now, there IS no resting!”  They made me rest anyway.

Needless to say, I didn’t get a fancy Valentine’s dinner, though I did get lots of flowers, lol.  Steve kept running around the hospital telling anyone who would listen “He’s my little Love Child”, and when anyone would call, he would tell them that over the phone as well.  It was so funny. But it was a wonderful day.

So it’s been six years since he was born, and Finn is bright and funny and very independent.  From day one he always wants to do for himself.  Though he also has moments of neediness and “I don’t wannas” he is still amazing.  This is his first year in public school… imagine my surprise back in November during parent/teacher conferences when the teacher tells me that Finn is her model student.  No kidding, my wild, crazy, lovable little boy was the one his teacher told the other kids to be like.  He sits quietly in his seat, hands folded and ready to start the day.  He is so smart, his scores for reading and comprehension were well beyond what is the normal average for his age. *smirks*  Yeah, my boy is pretty amazing.

So anyway, this was just another little installment of Ravenna’s Random Ramblings.  Much love to you all.

~ Ravenna

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