Imbolc… a bit late but hey!

So at long last another Pagan Blog Prompt!!

The seasons are changing, and here in the Northern Hemisphere, a lot of us are getting fed up with the snow and cold, and we are ready for the weather to warm up. In many places, the snow has subsided and people are catching ‘Spring fever’, enjoying outdoor activities that can’t happen in the snow.  What does Imbolc and/or Spring bring to/for you? What sorts of preparations are you making? What is your favorite part of this season?

So I’ve been contemplating Imbolc lately.  What it means to me.  Most of the stuff I read is concerned with the Celtic Goddess, Brighid, patroness of healing, smithcraft and inspiration.  This is all well and good… but what are the deeper meanings behind this Sabbat?  Generically, this is a day of Inspiration, Initiation, Purification, the Beginning of Spring.  Many different things.  Not only this, but Imbolc shares the day with the secular “holiday” of Groundhog’s day or Candlemas, both days filled with a rich history of lore surrounding weather prognostication (prediction).

Anyway, so I’ve been contemplating the meaning of Imbolc, and it hit me yesterday.  Imbolc means “in the belly” or the first stirrings of life.  The “Quickening”.  And it struck me right then!  The Quickening, the feeling of my blood “quickening” moving, flowing, feeling ALIVE and I can feel myself rushing forward to the light of spring and the promise of the summer sun.  Imbolc is the Quickening of the Earth.  The first flutters of life and seen and heard at this time.  A few brave plants peek up from the ground offering delicate blossoms to color the drab grayness that surrounds us at this time.  Birds are beginning to slowly return from their yearly migrations, we all begin to stretch and reach for the light.  We become more energized at this time.  Cold though it may still be… we know that the end is near and that the Light has returned once again! We feel ALIVE!!  I am looking forward to Imbolc very much this year.  I know exactly what it is that I hope to accomplish this year during my Imbolc ritual.  This year, I am going to honor the fact that I am alive, and I am going to honor the fresh start that the spring promises.  It will be good.  I am happy with that!

I am HAPPY!  I am ALIVE! I feel good again.

Some of my readers might recognize this from my old blog at MySpace, but it’s still pretty spot on with my thoughts and feelings of this season.

Imbolc is a time of renewal.  This year has been a crazy year for me.  So that’s how I’m kind of viewing it this year, a time to renew myself.  I have lots of things going on inside my head, so this year, I sat and thought about what I wanted most for myself and planted seeds… well, sort of planted seeds.  Thought seeds, but hey! It’s close enough!

I’m happy that it’s the Imbolc season.  Imbolc means that Spring is coming.  Yule was the longest night of the year and Imbolc is where you can actually tell that the sun is up longer and longer every day.  It’s my reminder that Spring is coming and that Summer is just around the corner.  I love the sun, I crave it, so when Imbolc comes, I can feel my Self stretching and reaching for the light and warmth.

Spring is warmth and rebirth and greening and life.  The Winter here in Washington is always hard on me, because it’s so gray.  When Imbolc comes, I can see the greening of the earth begin again, with the few brave plants peeking up through the ground to stretch out reaching for the Sun.  It’s still cold, but it’s getting warmer!

Today I saw my first crocus of the season, and I was deliriously happy to see it!  Crocus is the first flower of spring in my opinion, so seeing that flower just cemented my belief that spring is here.  It’s still cold… it really is, but today was warmer!

Anyway, enough of the randomness! I’m going to go and watch “V” now, lol.

Blessings everyone!

~ Ravenna

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