Beltaine and other Random Thoughts

First the prompt:

Do you celebrate or honor Beltaine? If so, how?

Well, the short answer here, is yes.  I do celebrate Beltaine.  Not quite as elaborately as I have in years past, but I do still mark the occasion in some way.

Years ago, there was a local coven that I knew, Covenant of the Flaming Star, and they would put on a public Beltaine ritual.  The first one I attended was absolutely breath-taking.  The Priestess is this beautiful woman, with long flowing dark hair and piercing blue eyes.  The Priest a strong man with hair wild and free like the Gods of the Wood.  In the first ritual, the Priestess invoked the Goddess Aphrodite, and the Priest invoked Pan.  It was intense watching the Chase of Lovers, before finally the God captured the Goddess and they enacted a symbolic Great Rite.  The magic of that day was poten, wild and free.  After the ritual, there was feasting, games, and the Maypole dance.    Steve and I jumped the bonfire… in hindsight, I blame the bonfire for my later pregnancy, lol.  But it was more likely our “private” celebration later that night.

The next year, I was a member of Flaming Star, and again we put on a public Beltaine ritual.  Similar to the previous year, this one was a little more comedic in nature, reminding our guests that too often, we Pagans take ourselves too seriously.  It is good and right to laugh.  Told in the old style, with a chorus, rhythm and rhyme, The Goddess Flora is persued by the Satyr God of the Wild, Faunus.  I was a handmaiden to the Goddess, trying to protect her from the wild advanced of the God, and “fainting” at his approach.  We rigged Faunus’ costume so that when the Goddess admonished him, he “wilted badly”.  It garnered many a laugh from our audience.  In the end, the God prevails and wins the hand of His Lady, and love blossoms forth.  More feasting and dancing, and advice given to a young couple trying to conceive: “Stop trying! Jump the bonfire, and then instead of trying so hard to conceive, stop and enjoy the lovemaking with your husband.”  Last I heard, they had a baby nine months later, LOL.

That was the last public ritual I attended.  The year after that last one, our coven did a private ritual celebrating life and each of teaching classes about a subject involving something relevant to Craft.  I taught about music.  We all know how passionate about music I am.  I only wish that I had had access to more music back then, as I have sooo much more now that I could teach them about sacred song.

Beltaine is Steve’s favorite of our holy days.  I laugh, because I know why it’s his favorite.   A day celebrating love and sex? Oh yeah, he’s all over it.  It’s so much more than that!  It about knowing that life continues, the fertility of the land, Spring has come, Summer is around the corner! Live, Love, Laugh!

The coven is gone now, we parted ways, each having learned and grown and recieved what we needed from the coven.  It was wonderful.  So, my Beltaine celebrations are quieter and solitary.  Mostly I do small rituals acknowledging the day.  And Steve NEVER forgets Beltaine and we spend time enjoying each other’s company.  It’s nice.


I went to the dentist last week, and I’ve spent the whole weekend recuperating from the visit.  I had a tooth pulled, as the nerve was dying and causing me agonizing pain.  I couldn’t eat, drink… air coming across the tooth made me cry… it sucked!!  So out came the tooth.  Thankfully, it was one waaaaay in the back, my last molar, so no one will notice it.  I have pain meds to help managed the throbbing pain in my jaw that results from having a tooth forceably removed, but at least the agonizing pain is gone.

Aiden’s birthday was a smashing success!  I wound up having 5 little boys sleeping in my living room, 4 of whom did NOT belong to me, lol.  The boys stayed up late playing Band Hero on the Wii, and then eventually I put on “The Neverending Story” for them. (I found out that 3 of the boys had NEVER seen it!! Shock!)  They all tried valiently to stay up past 1 am, but not a one of them made it.  It was funny.  They had fun!  Steve and I made them a big breakfast the next morning and they were off outside playing some crazy game in the yard.  Fun times!  It’s hard to believe my boys are growing up!!

I told Aiden this morning that I would start teaching him more about my beliefs and practices.  He knows the basics of what I believe, but I think he really needs to know more about it.  Sure we talk all the time about religion and faith… but we haven’t talked about paganism on a deeper level in quite some time.  It’s time for him to start learning some of the more “meaty” topics, and we’ll talk some more about comparative religious themes.  It’ll be good for him, and me I should think.

Anyway, this is it for now, my laptop is getting out of the shop today, so I won’t have to use this crappy desktop computer anymore (it’s SLOW! Even after I added more RAM).  I’ll write another post either later today, or tomorrow!

Brightest of Blessings my Friends!

~ Ravenna

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