Yet Another Pagan Blog Prompt, and I Went to a Wedding!

So let’s start with the Pagan Blog Prompt, shall we?

How does the changing weather affect you, in a spiritual sense?   Whether you are in the Northern Hemisphere and welcoming in Spring, or in the Southern half of the globe and preparing for winter… I’m sure there’s got to be some changes going on in yourself that are obviously related to the weather.

This is a big one for me, personally.   The Seasons strongly affect me on a continual basis.  I live in western Washington state, near Seattle.  We Washingtonian’s like to joke about our weather, how it rains 9 months out of the year, and the other three are overcast, but it’s not entirely true.  We also like to joke that “you know you live in Washington when you need to buy 2 new pairs of sunglasses every summer because you lost the other pairs in between uses!”

So right now, it’s springtime.  And I LOVE it when the weather begins to warm around this time of year.  I am very much a warm weather girl, and find it difficult to function if I’m cold.  While the rest of my friends practically cry when the temperature goes over 75, I’m waiting for it to get hotter.  Spiritually, I have a pretty good understanding of how the seasons flow around me, the deeper meaning behind their spiritual significance, but I relate more strongly with the light half of the year, personally.  I suppose, again, it is something to do with my having bipolar disorder.  The warm weather makes me feel alive and happy.  I feel rejuvenated, alive in the warm weather.  Much like how the God and Goddess are renewed in the warming months.  They return to a more youthful state in the spring months, and I feel like my own life somewhat parallels that aspect.

I can feel the life returning to the Earth, I can see it also, in the new buds on the trees, the animal babies that are starting to be born.  It is very much a returning of Life to the Earth, and sure enough, I feel more Alive in the warm months than I do at any other time during the year.


Now!!  So, I went to a wedding last night.  Our dear friend James (who passed from this life 9 years ago), his mother got married to a wonderful man she met some years ago.  We have stayed friends with James’ family regardless of the fact that he himself is not with us anymore… we instead keep a watchful eye over his younger brother, making sure that he grew up to become a decent individual.  So yeah, we attended his mother’s wedding and it was beautiful!!  She was a beautiful bride!  Truth be told, I had a lot of fun, and it was great seeing all of our friends together again for a night filled with love, laughter, music, dancing and feasting.  I also love a chance to get all dressed up pretty, those moments are few and far between these days, so it was a wonderful excuse to dress up in a lovely dress for the evening.

The ceremony was held in the same Church that held James’ memorial service.  Many of us remembered that day, and for many of us, the Wedding ceremony was the first time since James’ death that we stepped foot in that Church.  I cried a bit during the ceremony when I heard Colleen giving her vows to her new husband… and then again when the Pastor made reference to James towards the end of the service, how he was there watching over his mother and her happiness… oh, it makes me weepy even now!  It was just simply a beautiful and tender wedding.  I am happy that Colleen found her Happy-Ever-After, and I like to think that if James were still with us, he’d be really happy for her, too.

Anyway, so at the end of the night, the DJ played one last song: “Amazed” by Lonestar.  Imagine my surprise when Steve takes me by the hand and leads me out on the dance floor to dance with him!! OMG!!  I practically melted into a puddle of warm gooey lovey dovey-ness.  Seriously, yeah.  I am such a hopeless romantic!  And it makes me wistful… wishing for my own wedding day… though I do wonder if that will ever happen… perhaps.  We shall see!


~ Ravenna

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One thought on “Yet Another Pagan Blog Prompt, and I Went to a Wedding!

  1. Sunfire

    Totally makes sense to feel more alive in the warmer months.

    Thanks again for joining us at Pagan Blog Prompts!

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