A REAL post this time, I swear…

So today was a really good day for me.  Seriously, sometimes I forget how many really good days I honestly have.  And I’ve been having more and more good days lately.  It makes me happy.  I think a lot of it actually has something to do with the weather.  Perhaps I have a bit of Seasonal Affective Disorder, I know a lot of people here in western Washington suffer from it.  There is just so much gray to look at these days.  I remember when I was younger, we had more woods around my Grams’ house… hell it was IN the woods, and I saw green things everywhere.  It cut through the grayness and I didn’t feel quite so, so bleak.  But in the last 14 years, they’ve cut away all the trees.  The woods are gone, my Grams’ house is gone and been bulldozed over – and there is concrete and cookie cutter houses that sit empty every where I look.  It is soooo depressing.  But once the weather begins to warm, and the light returns and the earth begins to green again, I feel happy again.  It’s a good feeling.

I think another reason I’m feeling so good lately is I’ve been listening to TONS of music.  Pandora.com is my new best friend, haha.  Seriously though, because of it, I’ve been introduced to music that I might otherwise have never listened to, and I love it!!  My current “station” is based on the band Gaia Consort, but they are not by far the only band or even style played on it.  Steve laughs, because he was listening to this Finnish goth-opera-pagan-metal-rock band called Nightwish with me, and he likes it.  Yes.  Steve likes something that isn’t what he typically listens to.  Hurrah!! It’s a breakthrough people!!  And there is so much music on here that just blows me away.  Haunting melodies, etherial voices like that of angels, inspirational, funny… it’s all there.  Like right now, this song playing is just haunting.  It’s called “Locked Inside” by a woman named Marcome.  It’s GORGEOUS!!  She sings like a Goddess, I swear.


Anyway, so I found this neat little thing online today, called “Pagan Blog Prompts” and I thought it seemed pretty nifty, and thought I’d give it a try.  I’ll start with one of the first ones she offered in it, just to give a little more background on me.

What makes you a Pagan?
And don’t just say “Because I’m not Christian”…. I would like to see you fully explore how your beliefs fit with those typical of other Pagans. What is it about you and your life that made you associate with the label of “Pagan”?

Soooo, what is it that makes me a Pagan?  Well, I suppose the first thing is that it is because I believe that the Christian religion is not the only valid path to divinity in this world.  I believe in many Gods and Goddesses, and I also believe that each deity is a seperate entity of Their own merit.  Yes, there are similar deities in many cultures that share attributes, but I think They are unique.  I also find the divine to be in everything around me, within and without me.  It is all around me, in every rock, tree, blade of grass, every animal, bird, creature of the sea, insect, human being… the Divine is in everything.  “God” is not some nameless, faceless being sitting on a cloud passing judgement and punishing humanity for being just that – HUMAN.  We cannot be punished for who and how we were created to be. 

I believe in magic.  Not stage magic, or Hollywood magic, but a force that is capable of being harnessed and used to create change in our lives.  I believe in paranormal activity.  There is so much on this earth that is still unexplainable… it makes it hard not to believe that there is SOMETHING more going on behind the scenes as it were.  I believe in reincarnation – that after we die, our energy, our essence is reborn again somewhere, that we have the chance to meet the people we love in this life, in the next. 

I believe that the Divine creative force behind the the Birth of the Universe, is both male and female – without both we would not be.  For they balance one another and complement each others strengths. 

I believe in many things that are for the most part contradictory to what mainstream society and religion teach as a part of their dogma.  I believe that we are all seeking the same things: love, happiness, acceptance, freedom… and that it transcends religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, social status… we are all the same on the inside… so why fight each other over pretty much inconsequential things?  Live, love, and let others have the same things.  You’d be surprised what you may have in common with the person you last thought you would.

Anyway!  So yeah, that pretty much sums up the main points of my beliefs.  In the end… my “alternative” beliefs are what makes me identify myself as a Pagan woman.  A Witch who is Confident in Her Own Power… or at least working on my way to that place *smiles*

Alright, I’m off to read a book, listen to Pandora and eventually get my happy butt off to bed!!


~ Ravenna

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  1. Sunfire

    I know I’m a little late, but I wanted to pop in and say Hi, and thanks for sharing with us at Pagan Blog Prompts! Hope to see more from you.

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